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    Homer is thought to have lived during the 8th century B.C. The Greeks have always assumed Homer to be the author of The Odyssey and The Iliad although historians have never been one hundred percent sure about the accuracy of this assertion. Since we have no reason to believe otherwise, however, Homer remains the sole individual credited with drafting these two extraordinary historic poems. 
   In addition to serving as great works of literary art, Homerís The Iliad and The Odyssey reflect a great deal about history. As it is with all great literature, The Odyssey still speaks to us today because it is the story of one man. It is the human quality of this work that holds up through the ages. Touching scenes such as Hectorís farewell and the return of Odysseus still move us because they resonate with our shared human experience. Much of the historical detail, though distorted through the centuries,... remained fairly accurate; but, more importantly, the poetry reflects a great deal about the morals, customs and values of his day.   

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